does sending a spam message to the spam folder in Yahoo actually do anything to report/reduce spam?

swingsister_t asked: More and more, I’m receiving spam emails in my yahoo email inbox! I figured by pushing the “spam” button and moving them, I was notifying Yahoo and they could adjust their spam filters.
If anything I’m getting more spam than I used to!

Is the spam filter on Yahoo email breaking down?

jbrandtc asked: Over the last month, I’ve noticed a huge increase in spam messages appearing in my Inbox. Prior to that, the Yahoo spam filter worked great. Anyone else notice a recent change in their Yahoo mail service?

How do I stop all the spam being emailed to me as

Modigleana asked: I have two yahoo groups. Both groups’ spam filters are turned on but on a daily basis, I get spam sent that has been sent to re-routed to my personal email address. These are not messages from members but are from people external to the group. They are flagged [...]

I need a new email service that works thru Internet Explorer. I have Yahoo now- very bad spam; no way to fix?

Shortcut asked: Yahoo mail resides on the Yahoo server so there is no way to apply spam filtering. I paid $20 for their enhanced service but still get 20 - 30 spam msgs per day in the inbox

I think that my yahoo email address might be on a blacklist. How do i know and what can i do?

classicrocker186 asked: I have tried to sends emails to possible employers, and both timed i tried, i never received a response. The first time was months ago, and the other is just a few weeks ago. They are both very small businesses, so i dont think that they are just being rude. [...]

Work email keeps going to spam folder on yahoo. Help?

lee c asked:
Everytime I or someone from my work sends an email to my yahoo account it is delegated to the spam folder. I have contacted the people at fusemail and they say that is yahoo’s fault. I’m concerned that all of the emails I’m sending out for work related purposes are being put in [...]

How to i prevent spam in yahoo mail and why do a lot of people get it, especially in yahoo mail?

Ĉỵяú§ asked: It’s very annoying and i get a few spam emails nearly every day. I add the email addresses from the spam emails to blocked contacts, this works. The thing is that i have all these blocked emails and i never get a spam email from them, but, i still get plenty of spam [...]

Why does yahoo mail spam filter not work like it used to?

Mike asked:
I have repeatedly marked a certain sender as spam, and still their emails go to my inbox. Recently I even got an email with the word ‘SPAM’ in the subject, and it went to my inbox as well.
This one emailer is using the same email address. Only the subject and content are different.
Why do [...]