Why does my Craigslist ads keep going into spam when i tell yahoo that its not spam?

jtx7712 asked: The confirmation email from Craigslist keeps going into my spam folder. I consistently mark it as not spam but the spam filter doesn’t learn!

Computer question. How to elimiate spam in my regular email”?

Dan M asked: 6 month old computer. Working fine until a few days ago, when I started receiving a lot of email in my normal in box.
Previously, my spam filter put 95% of them in the spam folder, for easy deletion. But now I seem to receive a ton of spam that bypasses [...]

Anyone else having good messages sent to the spam folder?

rred_ asked:
I just discovered that message from 3 people I want to get email from have been being routed to the spam folder. I have received mail from 2 of these people with no issues in the past. So evidently yahoo changed their spam filter settings, and not for the better.
I was just [...]