Any software/method to ban spam email address by clicking ?

06294086 asked: As far as I know, the best is to not clicking on unknown links,
set email filter and delete those emails with unreadable titles.
Is there a software/method where I can simply ban particular email address(es) simply by clicking on the title ?
I notice that lots of those spams have unreadable titles and you can [...]

software to help send email newsletter?

Deia asked: I need to send a company newsletter to multiple email addresses from my company email account (not yahoo mail). This is a legitimate newsletter and not spam - all email addresses were entered into our website from interested parties.
I need to find software that will send 250 emails in batches of 5-10 at [...]

Is the spam filter on Yahoo email breaking down?

jbrandtc asked: Over the last month, I’ve noticed a huge increase in spam messages appearing in my Inbox. Prior to that, the Yahoo spam filter worked great. Anyone else notice a recent change in their Yahoo mail service?

I’m trying to filter the word “casino” from my yahoo email, but it never works! WHY?

snizzay asked: I have tried everything to get this to stop emailing me. Nothing is working. Today alone I have gotten 4 emails from them and it is only 10:30AM. Yesterday I set up a filter to move emails containing the word “casino” in the header, subject, or body to my trash. Today I [...]

for anti virus program like trend micro does the spam filter only work with the email that is registered?

john s asked: or does it work with any email on that computer?

Do I report strange spam in my email to the better business bureau?

emily51501 asked:
So I keep getting these weird emails that the return address always ends in with different names in the begining so my spam filter will not catch it.
It is always some letter from someone in a different country asking my to do something like accept money for them here in the states and [...]