Why don’t my email filters send email to my inbox instead of spam box?

johncirish asked: I have tried everything I can to get emails from a specific website I belong to, to arrive in my INBOX, but they only come to my spam box! What is going wrong?

Why does yahoo mail spam filter not work like it used to?

Mike asked:
I have repeatedly marked a certain sender as spam, and still their emails go to my inbox. Recently I even got an email with the word ‘SPAM’ in the subject, and it went to my inbox as well.
This one emailer is using the same email address. Only the subject and content are different.
Why do [...]

why is it that as soon as i made my email spam filter more aggressive, all the junkmail goes to my inbox now?

afk43 asked: a speciffic company, called vemma builder, is bombarding me in spite pof being labelled a spam every single time!!! my inbox gets only spam now ever since i changed the filter settings from “move to junkmail folder” to “delete automatically”?????