I can’t get youtube welcome email to verify my account. I turned spam guard off. What else do I do?

dan137b2003 asked: I’ve tried my yahoo email and my excite email and I turned off the spam filters. I still haven’t got anything. Even if it was spam it would go to the bulk folder, but nothings there. Ive waited several days so I dont think it need more time. What do I do?

How do I remove an email address from the Spam Guard filter?

sing3155 asked: I accidently checked two of my friends’ e-mail addresses as Spam and now they are not able to e-mail anymore. How do I remove them from the Spam Guard filter list so I can recieve e-mails from them again?

Is there an effective way to deal with email spam?

Anastasia asked: Despite my spam filters, I keep receiving unwanted mail. I’ve blocked these senders but quite a few of them still send me mail. Why doesn’t the block button always work? I’d be grateful if you could suggest an effective way to get rid of spammers.