Can someone recommend the best anti-spam approach and email service/software?

Sine Language asked: I was a user of Mailshell’s paid consumer service, which they are discontinuing at the end of this month. The feature i liked best was the disposable email addresses. Being able to just bounce all email from an address once it had been sold was the most effective to me. [...]

Why is the Yahoo! email spam filter not smart enough to know that a Yahoo! stock watch alert is not spam?

R Jones asked: This was basically a rhetorical question. I have continually flagged these as not spam when they show up in my spam box - does not seem to help. I don’t think adding extraneous email addresses to my address book is necessarily a reasonable solution. Shouldn’t the spam filter check the email address [...]

How do I discontinue one of my eMail addresses?

David B asked: I am absolutely deluged with spam (some of which gets through the spam filter!) and I need to eliminate one of my eMail addresses.