I’m about 2 change my ISP and would like 2 filter all emails to my new account, keeping the old email acc How?

rRichP asked: My old ISP informs me that once my account is closed with them I will lose my current email address. As I have been using this address for a long time and in a variety of ways I would like to know if there is a way that if anybody attempts to [...]

Any software/method to ban spam email address by clicking ?

06294086 asked: As far as I know, the best is to not clicking on unknown links,
set email filter and delete those emails with unreadable titles.
Is there a software/method where I can simply ban particular email address(es) simply by clicking on the title ?
I notice that lots of those spams have unreadable titles and you can [...]

Is there a spam filter that works with the free yahoo email accounts?

IDespiseSpam asked:
I want to be able to block spam, not have it go to the bulk folder. Reporting spam doesn’t work for me, it just generates more spam.
I have the spam filter enabled and I have tried using the filters to block them, but that doesn’t help either since I only can have 15 [...]

Why is the Yahoo! email spam filter not smart enough to know that a Yahoo! stock watch alert is not spam?

R Jones asked: This was basically a rhetorical question. I have continually flagged these as not spam when they show up in my spam box - does not seem to help. I don’t think adding extraneous email addresses to my address book is necessarily a reasonable solution. Shouldn’t the spam filter check the email address [...]

How do I remove an email address from the Spam Guard filter?

sing3155 asked: I accidently checked two of my friends’ e-mail addresses as Spam and now they are not able to e-mail anymore. How do I remove them from the Spam Guard filter list so I can recieve e-mails from them again?