Other than getting a new address, how can I get rid of junk email forever?

whatsupdoc asked: My email box stays full of junk. My spam filter is full. If I delete all that is in my spam folder, I get hundreds of junk mail added to my hundreds of junk mail already in my inbox. I want to get rid of the junk for good. Can someone help?

how did i get a spam email from what appears to be my own address?

KEN D asked: i got a spam email in my bulk folder from one of those places trying to sell drugs on the internet. i usually look over my bulk emails just to make sure a legitimate one didnt get filtered out by mistake. i look at who sent it and if i dont recognize [...]

why is it that as soon as i made my email spam filter more aggressive, all the junkmail goes to my inbox now?

afk43 asked: a speciffic company, called vemma builder, is bombarding me in spite pof being labelled a spam every single time!!! my inbox gets only spam now ever since i changed the filter settings from “move to junkmail folder” to “delete automatically”?????