Is it possible to not filter contacts emails even if they trigger one of my spam filters?

starman asked: I have spam filters for some common words (for example, “shop” in the subject line) so I would like to not apply my spam filters when one of my contacts sends me an email. Is there a way to not apply filters to certain senders?
I understand that I can use a filter [...]

I am on an email list but when people send mail to the list it goes to my spam filter?

Jennifer H asked: People can send an email to one address and the group of us will receive the email, but whenever someone sends an email it goes to my spam filter. I’ve added the address to my contacts but that didn’t fix it, what do I do?

How to i prevent spam in yahoo mail and why do a lot of people get it, especially in yahoo mail?

Ĉỵяú§ asked: It’s very annoying and i get a few spam emails nearly every day. I add the email addresses from the spam emails to blocked contacts, this works. The thing is that i have all these blocked emails and i never get a spam email from them, but, i still get plenty of spam [...]