Gmail email question. Is there any way to set my Gmail spam filter better?

xx0xx asked:

I keep getting alot of spam mostly porn or presciption meds. My spam box has over 80 emails within 1 hour. How can i set this up to not get this.
I hate to click on the email, because it may be a keylogger or virus. Thanks.

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Why does my Craigslist ads keep going into spam when i tell yahoo that its not spam?

jtx7712 asked:

The confirmation email from Craigslist keeps going into my spam folder. I consistently mark it as not spam but the spam filter doesn’t learn!

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does sending a spam message to the spam folder in Yahoo actually do anything to report/reduce spam?

swingsister_t asked:

More and more, I’m receiving spam emails in my yahoo email inbox! I figured by pushing the “spam” button and moving them, I was notifying Yahoo and they could adjust their spam filters.

If anything I’m getting more spam than I used to!

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Is the spam filter on Yahoo email breaking down?

jbrandtc asked:

Over the last month, I’ve noticed a huge increase in spam messages appearing in my Inbox. Prior to that, the Yahoo spam filter worked great. Anyone else notice a recent change in their Yahoo mail service?

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How do i stop spam from randomly sent email addresses?

Chris T asked:

I keep getting emails that contain random long messages of a similar layout, but the sent from address, is different everytime. This means i can’t put the address in the spam filter because it is different each time. It’s more of an annoyance than anything. Please help.

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Can someone recommend the best anti-spam approach and email service/software?

Sine Language asked:

I was a user of Mailshell’s paid consumer service, which they are discontinuing at the end of this month. The feature i liked best was the disposable email addresses. Being able to just bounce all email from an address once it had been sold was the most effective to me. I never saw any spam and just turned off addresses once spammers got hold of addresses from sometimes legitimate well meaning companies. I never had to worry about false positives or asking people i wanted to correspond with to register.

Maybe the detection technology has improved over the years?

I am aware of four technologies; filters, blacklists, registrations, and disposable addresses.

Anyone want to recommend a best replacement for me? I’m willing to pay for the service. It has to be stable (no service outages), and professional (no advertising added to the email, etc.
I found this list;

Any comments on these services?

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Can I send email to the spam folder according to subject line?

visionvocal asked:

Most spammers will use variations of certain words to slip it through the spam filter. Such as mispelling the word sex or explicit. Is there a way to add these words to a filter to send them automatically to the spam folder?

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Is there a spam filter that works with the free yahoo email accounts?

IDespiseSpam asked:

I want to be able to block spam, not have it go to the bulk folder. Reporting spam doesn’t work for me, it just generates more spam.
I have the spam filter enabled and I have tried using the filters to block them, but that doesn’t help either since I only can have 15 filters. Even then, it doesn’t block all the emails with the keys words in the filters. I have rechecked the filters to make sure they’re correct but they don’t work very good. I don’t open spam and I have the images blocked. Spam had gotten down to around 20 or 30 a day, then all of a sudden two days ago I had 100 & some. I have not signed up for any newsletters or anything like that that would have my email address on it. It seems that everything I try doesn’t work with Yahoo. Training the filters doesn’t work either. I have had the filters set for several months.

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I can’t get youtube welcome email to verify my account. I turned spam guard off. What else do I do?

dan137b2003 asked:

I’ve tried my yahoo email and my excite email and I turned off the spam filters. I still haven’t got anything. Even if it was spam it would go to the bulk folder, but nothings there. Ive waited several days so I dont think it need more time. What do I do?

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Why is the Yahoo! email spam filter not smart enough to know that a Yahoo! stock watch alert is not spam?

R Jones asked:

This was basically a rhetorical question. I have continually flagged these as not spam when they show up in my spam box - does not seem to help. I don’t think adding extraneous email addresses to my address book is necessarily a reasonable solution. Shouldn’t the spam filter check the email address itself to see that the email came from Yahoo! and not some random spammer?

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