Parental Control Software recommendation?

spsleggett asked: I am looking for a parental control software for my 9 & 11 year old. It needs to have good filtering, email monitoring for web-based email (comcast), and time limiting abilities.
I tried Net Nanny, it kept locking up the computer. IN addition it is a subscription service so it is $40/year.

How do I filter out spam in my email?

Eric K asked: I get tons of spam in my email every day. I need a software to automatically connect to the POP3 server and delete the spam. Please recommend something that you have tried and know it works. And by the way I don’t use Yahoo Mail or any free email, it is a [...]

Seeking free or low cost software to help manage web based email (e.g., Yahoo or Gmail)?

Tom asked: I have several Yahoo email accounts (and a few gmail, also) for various purposes. The filter service for Yahoo is inadequate. I’m too busy to write the program I need, which would do the following as a minimum:
A) Allow me to define powerful search criteria using nested logical expressions or regular [...]