regarding internet filter software?

Solla asked: i need a software to restrict the users… like… i wanna restrick like this.. user can go only for 4 sites and only outlook email.. but i wanna use this software in personal computer not network.. tell me a good software for this… pleaseeee

I’m about 2 change my ISP and would like 2 filter all emails to my new account, keeping the old email acc How?

rRichP asked: My old ISP informs me that once my account is closed with them I will lose my current email address. As I have been using this address for a long time and in a variety of ways I would like to know if there is a way that if anybody attempts to [...]

I have an email account that I want to receive tons of spam mail on. How do I do this?

riddle asked: Is there some special “mailing list” I can sign up on? I want this test account to receive as much “unwanted” mail as possible. I am trying to filter out all types of “spam” mail and need to receive as many different types to test it properly. Any suggestions? Thank [...]

How can I email more than 100 people at once for an event w/o being spam filtered?

feld-a-mundo asked: I am organizing my high school reunion and have email addresses for 120 members of our class. I want to send them announcements using BCC (as some members want to remain private) but I’m worried about ISPs confusing my message for spam. Any suggestions? One person recommends breaking the list up in chunks, [...]