software to help send email newsletter?

Deia asked: I need to send a company newsletter to multiple email addresses from my company email account (not yahoo mail). This is a legitimate newsletter and not spam - all email addresses were entered into our website from interested parties.
I need to find software that will send 250 emails in batches of 5-10 at [...]

If I send out a survey to an email list that I compiled of 1,000 attorneys is that illegal spam?

Walt D asked: I own a company which designs software and one of our products is targeted at the legal profession. I have an email list of 1,000 attorneys that I compiled from the state bar association’s records, and I would like to send out a survey to these attorneys so that I can get [...]

Can I Send a Mass Email to 2000 Customers In Blocks of 10?

NelsonBig asked: I have about 2000 customers and I want to send them all an email through my business email account. However, I know that there are spam filters that block messages that have too many recipients. I’d like to input all 2000 and have them automatically sent in blocks of 10 to avoid these [...]