| I don’t get email replies - what’s wrong with Yahoo Mail?

I don’t get email replies - what’s wrong with Yahoo Mail?

Darius asked:


asked the alike question before and got few responses only.
The issue is I don’t get replies to my emails.
Few months ago Yahoo Mail worked really fine, in interactive mode.
email - reply - re: - re: re: ….

Today I get no replies, no re: re: to my re:
I am sure, some guys are really busy, global crisis and more.
Does it mean posting email request to institutions, companies, no chance to get any reply as before ?
I am sure, I get replies bounced back, as tested and verified a month ago.
All due to email filtering policy introduced by Spamhaus and others, downgrading freemail like Yahoo, Gmail by Google, claiming Yahoo Mail not to be normal mail, run by normal mail software.
Another issue is downgrading IP ranges assigned to national telecoms.
Could you help me and yourself, testing Yahoo Mail to discover, what percentage of email gets lost, bounced back, never delivered, dropped ?
I can see another problem is Yahoo Answers are populated by few people so I can expect to get 2-3 answers at most, so no chance to discuss the issue thoroughly with details as Yahoo Answers is not a service like Yahoo Groups to let us held an interactive discussion.

Please let me know your opinion, what should I do if I don’t get replies from institutions, companies.
Is Yahoo Mail really so bad name for recipients ?
Can we ask Spamhaus to upgrade Yahoo Mail back to first class service not subject to filtering as a standard rule ?

re. Answer (1)
why should I click any web link if I can access and select Classic Mail directly from Yahoo Mail web interface ?
Please read my question carefully once again.
Problems with Yahoo Mail I described have nothing to do with technicals.
Problems arose when Spamhaus downgraded freemails like Yahoo Mail , and other to spam, junk mail, as not providing users with smtp mail software.
I don’t know if Spamhaus is right or not.
The issue is many servers don’t accept Yahoo Mail in general.
Many reject, drop Yahoo Mail rating it poor, as rating comes with IP’s rating (dynamic rating).
And rating of IPs in databases managed by Spamhaus comes exactly due to Yahoo not using smtp servers, providing users with POP software access.

I don’t know why Yahoo Mail web interface is such a big issue to Spamhaus.
Asked Yahoo administrators to contact Spamhaus and discuss the problem.
Yahoo lives in the States, Spamhaus in Europe - different legal systems.
That’s the case.
re. Answer(1)
follow-up 2

Please don’t vote for Answer 2 as it is completely irrelevant to my question.
I need exact answers only.

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One Response to “I don’t get email replies - what’s wrong with Yahoo Mail?”

  1. Ooops on October 11th, 2011 3:17 am

    Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. Suggested cures range from Update Adobe Flash Player and Java script to clear IE7 cache, cookies, and browsing history. Different things seem to work for different people. It’s causing attachments to not show, 999 errors where it won’t let you do a particular action and some people cannot send receive delete or move mail. It’s not just Vista either it’s happening to some of us on XP. If all else fails go back to classic mail via this link. click yes when asked do you want to opt out. Hope this helps.