| How do I filter out spam in my email?

How do I filter out spam in my email?

Eric K asked:

I get tons of spam in my email every day. I need a software to automatically connect to the POP3 server and delete the spam. Please recommend something that you have tried and know it works. And by the way I don’t use Yahoo Mail or any free email, it is a paid email service that I can use with Outlook.

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One Response to “How do I filter out spam in my email?”

  1. romiegalaxy on September 1st, 2011 1:42 am

    Used an email spam filtering service: Total Mail Defense, it is the business solution to stop spam, email viruses and mal-ware.

    It uses artificial intelligence and multi-filter technology designed by network security experts.

    Been very happy with the results and other clients of the service have also written testimonials which are on the site.