Do I report strange spam in my email to the better business bureau?

emily51501 asked:

So I keep getting these weird emails that the return address always ends in with different names in the begining so my spam filter will not catch it.
It is always some letter from someone in a different country asking my to do something like accept money for them here in the states and send it to them.
It gets very personal in the letters, they tell me who they are and how many kids they have.
There is nothing at the bottom of the page to unsubscribe.
Should I report these emails to someone? Who?
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Is there a spam filter that works with the free yahoo email accounts?

IDespiseSpam asked:

I want to be able to block spam, not have it go to the bulk folder. Reporting spam doesn’t work for me, it just generates more spam.
I have the spam filter enabled and I have tried using the filters to block them, but that doesn’t help either since I only can have 15 filters. Even then, it doesn’t block all the emails with the keys words in the filters. I have rechecked the filters to make sure they’re correct but they don’t work very good. I don’t open spam and I have the images blocked. Spam had gotten down to around 20 or 30 a day, then all of a sudden two days ago I had 100 & some. I have not signed up for any newsletters or anything like that that would have my email address on it. It seems that everything I try doesn’t work with Yahoo. Training the filters doesn’t work either. I have had the filters set for several months.

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Work email keeps going to spam folder on yahoo. Help?

lee c asked:

Everytime I or someone from my work sends an email to my yahoo account it is delegated to the spam folder. I have contacted the people at fusemail and they say that is yahoo’s fault. I’m concerned that all of the emails I’m sending out for work related purposes are being put in people’s spam folders and never read. I have been getting little to no response from my emails so I believe this is definitely the case. Any idea on how we can bypass the spam filters or adjust our fusemail account to not be confused as spam
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Why does yahoo mail spam filter not work like it used to?

Mike asked:

I have repeatedly marked a certain sender as spam, and still their emails go to my inbox. Recently I even got an email with the word ‘SPAM’ in the subject, and it went to my inbox as well.
This one emailer is using the same email address. Only the subject and content are different.
Why do I have to ask Yahoo users these support questions? Does Yahoo mail have any support?
Oops, sorry, I guess that is another question.
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Anyone else having good messages sent to the spam folder?

rred_ asked:

I just discovered that message from 3 people I want to get email from have been being routed to the spam folder. I have received mail from 2 of these people with no issues in the past. So evidently yahoo changed their spam filter settings, and not for the better.

I was just wondering if other people have had this problem and to alert all of you to check your spam folder if you are wondering why an email you were expecting never came.
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regarding internet filter software?

Solla asked:

i need a software to restrict the users… like… i wanna restrick like this.. user can go only for 4 sites and only outlook email.. but i wanna use this software in personal computer not network.. tell me a good software for this… pleaseeee

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I’m about 2 change my ISP and would like 2 filter all emails to my new account, keeping the old email acc How?

rRichP asked:

My old ISP informs me that once my account is closed with them I will lose my current email address. As I have been using this address for a long time and in a variety of ways I would like to know if there is a way that if anybody attempts to contact me using the current email address it will filter to my new account. A friend tells me there is a service by which I can manage my various email addresses/accounts using some software? Does anybody know the solution?

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Any software/method to ban spam email address by clicking ?

06294086 asked:

As far as I know, the best is to not clicking on unknown links,
set email filter and delete those emails with unreadable titles.

Is there a software/method where I can simply ban particular email address(es) simply by clicking on the title ?

I notice that lots of those spams have unreadable titles and you can delete them straight away safely.

It will be great if such a software exists. It’s very tiring having to include spam email addresses in the filter..

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I don’t get email replies - what’s wrong with Yahoo Mail?

Darius asked:


asked the alike question before and got few responses only.
The issue is I don’t get replies to my emails.
Few months ago Yahoo Mail worked really fine, in interactive mode.
email - reply - re: - re: re: ….

Today I get no replies, no re: re: to my re:
I am sure, some guys are really busy, global crisis and more.
Does it mean posting email request to institutions, companies, no chance to get any reply as before ?
I am sure, I get replies bounced back, as tested and verified a month ago.
All due to email filtering policy introduced by Spamhaus and others, downgrading freemail like Yahoo, Gmail by Google, claiming Yahoo Mail not to be normal mail, run by normal mail software.
Another issue is downgrading IP ranges assigned to national telecoms.
Could you help me and yourself, testing Yahoo Mail to discover, what percentage of email gets lost, bounced back, never delivered, dropped ?
I can see another problem is Yahoo Answers are populated by few people so I can expect to get 2-3 answers at most, so no chance to discuss the issue thoroughly with details as Yahoo Answers is not a service like Yahoo Groups to let us held an interactive discussion.

Please let me know your opinion, what should I do if I don’t get replies from institutions, companies.
Is Yahoo Mail really so bad name for recipients ?
Can we ask Spamhaus to upgrade Yahoo Mail back to first class service not subject to filtering as a standard rule ?

re. Answer (1)
why should I click any web link if I can access and select Classic Mail directly from Yahoo Mail web interface ?
Please read my question carefully once again.
Problems with Yahoo Mail I described have nothing to do with technicals.
Problems arose when Spamhaus downgraded freemails like Yahoo Mail , and other to spam, junk mail, as not providing users with smtp mail software.
I don’t know if Spamhaus is right or not.
The issue is many servers don’t accept Yahoo Mail in general.
Many reject, drop Yahoo Mail rating it poor, as rating comes with IP’s rating (dynamic rating).
And rating of IPs in databases managed by Spamhaus comes exactly due to Yahoo not using smtp servers, providing users with POP software access.

I don’t know why Yahoo Mail web interface is such a big issue to Spamhaus.
Asked Yahoo administrators to contact Spamhaus and discuss the problem.
Yahoo lives in the States, Spamhaus in Europe - different legal systems.
That’s the case.
re. Answer(1)
follow-up 2

Please don’t vote for Answer 2 as it is completely irrelevant to my question.
I need exact answers only.

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Parental Control Software recommendation?

spsleggett asked:

I am looking for a parental control software for my 9 & 11 year old. It needs to have good filtering, email monitoring for web-based email (comcast), and time limiting abilities.
I tried Net Nanny, it kept locking up the computer. IN addition it is a subscription service so it is $40/year.

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How do I filter out spam in my email?

Eric K asked:

I get tons of spam in my email every day. I need a software to automatically connect to the POP3 server and delete the spam. Please recommend something that you have tried and know it works. And by the way I don’t use Yahoo Mail or any free email, it is a paid email service that I can use with Outlook.

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software to help send email newsletter?

Deia asked:

I need to send a company newsletter to multiple email addresses from my company email account (not yahoo mail). This is a legitimate newsletter and not spam - all email addresses were entered into our website from interested parties.

I need to find software that will send 250 emails in batches of 5-10 at a time to get around the spam filters that might be set up. I know this software exists, I just can’t seem to find it.

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Important! I need an email bouncing client or software for g-mail?

prodigy asked:

Thank you all in advance in taking your time.
Please read before you jump and reply to this question.
( I am a software engineer, my question is very specific, and yes, I did do a lot of thinking and searching myself before posting this question. I appreciate your time taken.)
I am looking for a email client or a software (like Mailwasher Pro) which can download emails from your service provider (for ex. gmail) and then allows the user to bounce few messages/mails - those are already been received to your inbox. I DO NOT want to set any filters. I just looking for a client/software that allows me to bounce mails at my will (not automated), Its not a hard bounce. I only just want the sender to think (or discourage) that the email account does not exist, with a standard reply gmail would give for any email send to a non-existing account.
Is any body familiar with such a software/client/application? I really do appreciate your help and time taken to address this question. Thank you again in advance.
You apparently have no idea what modern software engineers can/cannot do my freind? Please check out Incredimail or Mailwasher Pro before you make statements as such. Like I said earlier, I did do a lot of research and spent time thinking before asking this question.

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If I send out a survey to an email list that I compiled of 1,000 attorneys is that illegal spam?

Walt D asked:

I own a company which designs software and one of our products is targeted at the legal profession. I have an email list of 1,000 attorneys that I compiled from the state bar association’s records, and I would like to send out a survey to these attorneys so that I can get an idea of the viability of my product. Would this be illegal? Would this be Spam? How could I avoid breaking the law and avoid having my email filtered through spam?

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Seeking free or low cost software to help manage web based email (e.g., Yahoo or Gmail)?

Tom asked:

I have several Yahoo email accounts (and a few gmail, also) for various purposes. The filter service for Yahoo is inadequate. I’m too busy to write the program I need, which would do the following as a minimum:
A) Allow me to define powerful search criteria using nested logical expressions or regular expressions to find desired subsets of my mail in various folders;
B) Give me the capability to automate the handling or disposition of messages in various ways (e.g., move to folder, delete, pass message to another program, send automated response, return statistics, etc.)

Does any Answers user know where to look for such software?

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